I had a pretty slow week.

So yesterday, Sunday, I decided to visit the nearest Farmer’s Market and have a quick look at what they offer.

I’ve first heard of Legazpi Sunday Market from my ex-boyfriend who also introduced me to juicing. He wanted me to take him there so he can buy his produce to juice.

Legazpi Sunday Market has transferred recently to a new location, that’s where I went!

Fresh Produce Legazpi Sunday Farmers Market
  • Fresh Produce
  • Seafood – I definitely saw shrimps!
  • Vegetarian cheese – I noted this one. As I am becoming one! Here is In A Nutshell Vegetarian Cheese Facebook PageNon-dairy Vegetarian Vegan Cheese metro Manila
  • Nuts
  • Curry/ Grilled/ Filipino food Legazpi Sunday Farmers Market Food Trip
  • Fresh juices / Blended juices
  • Plants
  • Leather Goods
  • Woodwork
I just walked around but did not buy anything.
I asked how much a pack of cashews because I’m thinking of making non-dairy milk made of cashews. It was a bit pricey for Php 500. Later that day, I found a bottle of cashew at Market Market for only Php 320 which almost the same size as the one in the farmers market.
Legazpi Sunday Farmers Market Produce
The main reason why I went in to see if it’s plausible to get a space there to sell fresh juice!
My next step now is to inquire about leasing space and their requirements. I should make an update of this post once I get the info I needed.
As for those who are planning to go and visit Legazpi Sunday Farmers Market, here are some info:


Sundays, 09:00 AM – 14:00 PM

Corinthian Plaza Car Park, near Greenbelt 1 in front of the Asian Institute of Management in Makati City

Other finds in Legazpi Sunday Market on Instagram:

Okkkaaaaaayyyyy, that’s it for today..

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Be healthy, be happy! x