I have followed Manablog.org since 2017. It was when he was not yet publishing a blog post daily.

Fast forward to 2019 and he has now published an astonishing 780+ posts! He has published a blog post daily since April 2017. Now, according to SitePrice.Org his blog estimated price is…

manablog.org estimated website worth

No kidding! Nothing is impossible.

This made me rethink and re-evaluate what I’m doing with my life blog.

I’m fascinated by blogs and blogging since 2008. I blog for fun which made me earn zero revenue. I have never treated blogging as a business.

If you treat your business poorly, you’ll be poor.

Now, that I have a niche. I can finally treat and run my blog as a business.

Last April, I’ve become very interested in juicing fruits and vegetables. I decided it will be my niche.

Aside from juicing I also want to blog about health, nutrition, and a plant-based diet. As I want to become a juice vendor in a local farmer’s market – I will also discuss it here.

After finding my niche, I had a hard time deciding and choosing a domain name.

There were several times I’ve changed domain names. I feel like it hurt the ranking of some of my already published posts. Finally, I settled with JuicingForTheSoul.net. It’s a sister’s blog of RiceSoupForTheSoul.

Now that I have a niche and a domain name, I can now start with an outline of to-dos to turn my blog into a success!

  1. Study the blog’s current situation
  2. Set blog metrics and targets
  3. Step-by-step plan to achieve blog goals
  4. Profit!

Study JuicingForTheSoul.net Current Situation

Since JuicingForTheSoul.net blog is in its infancy, its estimated price is $50 according to SitePrice.Org.

juicingforthesoul.net estimated website worth
No. of Blog Posts – 16
I still struggle writing up decent quality content. Plus, a blog post considered as standard should be at least 1500-word write up according to many bloggers. My English is crap at times most of the time.

All-Time Pageviews – 628

When I make a post, I get about less than 5 views in a day upon publishing. When I promote my blog on Reddit or Facebook group, I get about less than 30 visits.

Revenue – $0

JuicingForTheSoul.net is not yet affiliated with Amazon or Lazada and not Google Adsense approved.

Set JuicingForTheSoul.net Metrics and Targets

There are several Blog metrics to monitor and target. But choose to only focus on these:
Blog Posts.
-Content is king.
-Frequency of posts.
-High-quality article.
These mean I should be producing a well-researched (quality) blog post daily (frequency) with about 1500-2000 words (content).
Number of page views per post.
-Number of visitors per month.
-Traffic growth over time.
These mean I should be making an engaging post that answers or solves a targeted audience with specific problems.
-Affiliate marketing
-Google Adsense
These mean I should be generating a monthly income enough to pay for my rent, Spotify subscription, and my dog’s food.

Step-by-step Plan to Achieve JuicingForTheSoul.net Goals

How do I get to frequently publish a Blog Posts?
  • Use calendar
  • Schedule each post
  • Find topics to blog in advance
  • Research long tail keywords and use Google related searches about the topic
  • Device an SOP for a standard post
How do I increase Pageviews?
  • Promote the blog on all social media platforms
  • Use enticing titles to capture more readers
  • Use images, graphics, quotations, and youtube videos to increase audience length of stay
  • Embed links into blog posts that bring readers to other blog posts
How do I make a Revenue?
  • Amazon affiliate
  • Lazada affiliate
  • Google Adsense – Must create content and wait until my blog aged to apply and hopefully, get approved.
  • Direct product affiliate – Vitamix, Breville, etc.
  • Other online site affiliates – Siteground, Namesilo, etc.


The goal is to increase this blog’s estimated price to $100 in six months from April 2019. Then, $1000 in a year. That’s April 2020. And, $10,000 in two years or April 2021. Possible? Nothing is impossible! Also, I don’t want to be poor.