Are you like me? I need to dig to facts first before I embark on a new activity.
I envy others who just do their thing without making any prior research on a subject and just go do it. Like… JUICING!
I’ve browsed my book called The Best Green Smoothies On The Planet before I bought a juicer, ingredients, and started juicing.
A few weeks ago, I was at my favorite bookstore and found a book called Juicing for Life.
It was not a stunner. The book cover is dull and the paper material isn’t that glossy ones. The book is loaded with a lot of information! It tackled juice recipe remedies to so many different illnesses. It also included information on health benefits of ingredients (pineapple, turmeric, garlic and onion, etc.) and nutrients (such as bioflavonoids, germanium, selenium, etc.)
What sold me to buy this book? I came across a section in the book about Acne. It was discussed along with general recommendations, dietary modifications, and nutrients that help, and suggested juicing recipes.
A little before my goiter and after I went through Thyroidectomy, I suffered from here and there acne. Gaaaahh…
What else was discussed? Common cold, overweight/obesity, hypertension, cancer, inflammation, and many others.

Juicing for Life book is not just a juicing guide but it contains information about juicing health benefits.

Although Juicing for Life is an old book as it was first published in 1991. I believe it was not written for the juice craze after Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead documentary.

It’s originally priced for Php 399. Since the book is dented, I asked for a discount and got it for Php 339 (15% off). It pays to ask!

Okkkaaaaaayyyyy, that’s it for today..

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Be healthy, be happy! x