I need a juice bottle design label so I can start requesting for a quotation. I’m done with my logo which has evolved too many times already since last month!

Ideas to incorporate into my juice label design:

  • It has to be minimalist. Because the KonMari method should also be applied in design. Haha!
  • Use one solid color like black or white. Three or more colors could cost more in the production of sticker labels. Let’s cut unnecessary costs and implement “The Lean Start Up”
  • Only 2-3 font style. Again, minimalist, being lean, and like what Einstein said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”
  • Look and feel natural/eco-friendly. My product is made from fruits and vegetables, the natural/eco-friendly theme suits it best. 

Some things to consider in the label:

  • Logo. Branding, branding, branding
  • Bottle/packaging. Size of the bottle/ packaging
  • Copy. Sample texts to be put in the juice label are 100% Natural | Raw | Made from Fruits and Vegetables | Keep Refrigerated | Content in mL or Fl. Oz. | Vegan | Shake Well | Ingredients

I started making the design and creating a mockup in the morning. In the afternoon, I was still not satisfied with the designs I’ve been coming up with.

The evolution of my juice label designs:

Juice Label Design and Mockup
Copy-paste logo design
Juicery Label Design and Mockup
Invert-logo design
Juice Bar Label Design and Mockup
Make-the-logo-white-trial design
Juice Bottle Label Design and Mockup
Add-a-boarder-and-the-ingredients-at-the-bottom design
Juicing Bottle Label Design and Mockup
Retain-the-boarder-and-put-the-logo-inside-a-black-circle design
DeliJuicery Bottle Label Design and Mockup
Remove-boarder-add-ingredients-and-retain-the-logo-inside-the-black-circle design
Juice Bottle Label Design
small business juice bar logo

That’s where I stopped. I feel satisfied with the last juice label design that I did.

Even the logo I had to change and will adopt the black round shape.

Last Sunday, I have found some printing companies and potential suppliers for the juice labels. I sent them the design and other info to get a price quotation for them. I requested for a 500 pcs and 1000 pcs quotation.

I should, MUST, update this post once I get the price.

I don’t even know if I can sell 1000 juices! I can, right? I should!

Also, TIL, how to use the Wrap function on Photoshop! Ha! Progress!

Okkkaaaaaayyyyy, that’s it for today…

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