I think this image depicts perfectly my current situation.

And visit this blog frequently for up-to-date stories!Where did this start? Of course from an idea.

Last month, I traveled with a random stranger who is hungry for business ideas.

It was contagious!

When I returned home, my mind was constantly thinking of what I want to do pursue. The “one year break” I have given to myself expires this April.

Warren Buffet conversation with his pilot known in the entrepreneurs’ universe. List down 25 things that you want to do. Pick the top 5 you want to do most. Stick to only doing those 5. Do whatever you can to NOT do the other 20 until you’ve achieved those top 5. Because they are distractions.

I shared this with my friend and we started listing down what we want to do.

My top 5 are:

1 Co-working space/cafe/hostel
2 Blog
3 Stocks trading
4 UX Design
5 ???

My 5th was blank. A small business?

One day, I saw my juicing and smoothies book. I had an idea that I can learn how to juice and sell juices in Palawan.

So I started with…

-Picking up my book
-Choosing juices I can do with the most always available ingredient
-Reading up the types and brands of juicers online
-Watching people on youtube in the juicing business
-Looking for available slightly used juicers online
-Going to market to find out the exact prices of fruits I will be using
-Setting up email, instagram, twitter, facebook, youtube, and blog
-Thinking of all possible names for my juicing business
-Creating excel sheets to lay out everything I need to do, remember, improve, etc.
-Designing the logo

Designing the logo. It is what I did today.


Should I use a color other than black? Or use texture? What do you think of this logo?

Be healthy, be happy! x