Branding is vital in marketing. That’s why I designed a very good looking logo for my juicing business!

But it does not end with a captivating brand logo. Packaging design plays an important role in sales. Everyone has been guilty of buying a product because of its great packaging.

For a small juice bar business, I fantasized cool and funky looking glasses for my juices. I’m imagining customers inside my juice bar store sipping juices from pretty glasses.

I feed this fantasy and looked up online to make my dream close to reality.

Here are cool juice glasses and funky plastic containers great for juices:

But according to Paul ValΓ©ry, ‘The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.’ So I did.

I don’t need any glass yet for a juice bar. My small business is delivering juices. Glasses would be impractical.

To save up from delivery fee, instead of ordering liquid plastic containers from a store. I went personally to a shop’s showroom to buy for a container for juice samples I will send to friends.

EntrePouch Showroom in Ermita, Manila

There was a different vibe that I felt when I entered the shop. It was a foreign feeling to me. To try to describe it, I felt empowered. I felt like I am not simply choosing something to buy for myself but something that would represent my product. I felt like an entrepreneur.

Pears + Broccoli + Celery + Spinach Juice

I decided to but a 250mL container. It is enough for sample juices I plan to distribute to friends. One hundred pieces cost PHP 298 (USD 5.76).

In summary, my packaging is not yet final. The important thing is I have completed one step. Although I don’t know how many steps are still waiting for me.

Okkkaaaaaayyyyy, that’s it for today..
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Be healthy, be happy! x