This is an espresso machine! Not a juicer.
I now believe that an action is better than inaction. Fast action is even better than delayed action. I learned it from a smart man that I used to know.
He told me, “I’m fast. Like a rat.” Indeed, he is quick in his actions and decisions!
As a master of procrastination myself, I tend to delay a lot of things — doing things, coming to a decision, etc.
I have learned that it is more beneficial to make quick decisions and act on it fast then make a mistake. Than, delay things because of slow decision making or delay an action then make a mistake.
Based on my observation, mistakes are often easier to correct if made from fast decision making and quick action.
In business, time is money.

Today, an online seller of a used juicer accepted my offer. A HUROM juicer for only PHP 7000! What a bargain!!

I had nothing major to do today. I want to make some progress. Instead of meeting the seller next week, I decided to pick-up and buy the juicer today.
Two lessons I learned today from that deal:
Be inquisitive. I should have asked many questions. It is free to ask/no payment needed. I should have asked many questions about the product I was buying. Hurom juicers are a high-quality brand, yes. But I should still know all the details of what I am spending my money on. When they bought it, how much, did they buy it from Hurom PH, what model was it, how many times they used it, etc.
Learn to calculate – everything, always, anytime! I should have calculated wisely other seller’s juicers price. But Iย didn’t. I just went on to meet the seller who is selling her Hurom juicer for PHP 7000. I guess, sometimes, it pays to pay more.
Used Hurom Juicer
I was excited on my way to meet the seller. I waited inside McDonald’s to meet her. She asked me to come out of McDonald’s as she won’t be parking anymore and just meet her along the sidewalk.
She was almost in a hurry while explaining to me how to use the juicer. The juicer was inside a bag. No box. No manual. No warranty (expired). And it was just the juicer. Really heavy!
After the deal, I found myself inside McDonald’s for a black coffee and fried. I wondered, what if I have bought the other seller’s juicer for PHP 8000 instead. I searched for it and saw its photos. The juicer is still inside a box. Complete with its manual, etc.
I should have just paid another thousand pesos and get that “new” juicer than save a thousand for a “used” one.

When I came home. I checked the juicer that I bought. Then I spent almost thirty minutes, cleaning the juicer that I brought home.

I imagined not doing all the cleaning should have I bought the “new” one.

Despite all this, what’s important is to recognize the lapses I made . Learn and be better in the future. Move forward and not dwell.

Also, think positive. Like.. how I can spend the PHP 1000 to buy fruits and/or liquid plastic container for my juices I will give out to friends.

It’s best if I will formalize my decision-making process.

Any poor decision you made lately that you learned a lesson or two from? Share! Let me hear it.

Okkkaaaaaayyyyy, that’s it for today..

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Be healthy, be happy! x