I have talked about what to measure and monitor in small business previously.

The most crucial of all measurement in juicery business that we can all agree on is knowing how much fresh produce to make enough juice.

If I want to make a 1-litre of juice, how much produce should I buy to juice? Let’s find that out.

It is one of the questions I want an answer when I bought my first bunch of produce to juice.

According to Lauren Mattice of JK Juices in this video, “for every one pound of produce, you’re gonna get about 10 ounces of juice.”

Fresh Produce for Juicing

OK, I will have to admit, there will be a set of complicated numbers going in here. Basic arithmetic or measurement conversion is not my forte. But since my last corporate job dealt with a lot of data, I’m going to try to do the math, so you don’t need to.

First, the produce I bought from the market that I will juice:

  • 1 medium-sized Beet
  • 1 xs bunch Celery
  • 4 pcs Pears
  • 1 pc Lemon
  • 2 pcs Cucumbers
Total of 1.730 kilos of produce
(I squeezed the lemon to the juice. I don’t like the seed. Too strong when juiced.) 


Finally, I was able to compute and present nicely in a table the measurement of how much produce can make a 1-litre of juice.

Fresh Produce
(in g)
Fluid Ounces
(fl. oz.)
A  ๐Ÿ Convert A to lbs. by
lb = g x 0.0022
๐Ÿ *1 lbs. of produce
= 10 oz. of juice
๐Ÿ‹ g = oz. x
๐ŸŠ fl. oz. = g x
๐ŸŽ L = fl. oz. x
1730 g 4 lbs. 40 oz. 1134 g 38 fl. oz 1.123 L

* 1 lbs. of produce = 10 oz. of juice, according to Lauren on youtube

**g = grams, kl = kilograms, lbs. = pounds, oz. = ounces, fl. oz = fluid ounces
***Fluid ounce (fl. oz.) is a unit of volume typically for measuring liquids and ounces (oz.) is a unit of mass, weight, or volume

For example, a 4-kilogram of fresh produce can make more or less 2.5 litres of juice.

Convert kilograms to grams, 4 kl x 1000 = 4000 g
Use the๐Ÿ formula, to convert grams to pounds, 4000 g x 0.0022 = 8.8 lbs.
Again, ๐Ÿ *1 lbs. of produce = 10 oz. of juice, so 8.8 lbs x 10 = 88 oz.
From oz., convert it to grams, using ๐Ÿ‹ formula, 88 oz. x 28.34952 = 2495 g
By using ๐ŸŠ formula, we will convert grams to fluid ounce, 2495 g x 0.033814022558919 = 84 fl. oz.
Then, convert fl. oz. to millilitre using ๐ŸŽ formula, 84 fl. oz x 0.02957353 = 2.48 L

I have double-checked the formula, should there be a mistake, kindly please let me know.

Juice Measuring Cups
One (1) litre measuring cups

I bought these huge cups to use as juice and pulp container. They also have measurements of up to a litre which I need to measure the juice I make.

I also need a new chopping board and a weighing scale. My next blog post should be about things needed in a juice shop.

The video shows how much juice I made from my 1.730 kilos of produce. My 1-Litre measuring cup got full after juicing all the produce. It made a little more than a litre of juice.

It just means, 1 lbs. of produce = 10 oz. of juice = 0.280 Litre of juice and Lauren is correct.

How to make 1-Liter of juice? You need about 1.603 kilos of produce. Want to see the formula from Litres to Kg?

1 รท 0.02957353 รท 0.033814022558919 รท 28.34952 รท 10 รท 0.0022 = 1603 grams or 1.603 kilos

1 Litre of Juice = 35.27 ounces = 3.52 pounds = 1.603 Kilograms of Produce
1 Kg of Produce = 2.2 pounds = 22 ounces = 0.62 Litre of Juice

Okkkaaaaaayyyyy, that’s it for today..

If you want to know more, follow my juicing journey on youtube.

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Be healthy, be happy! x