I like to go out for a run once in a while. Since college, I have trained myself to run for a solid 30 minutes without stopping.

College was 10 years ago. I still run for 30 minutes. I would assume I have not improved my running capability since I was 20.

My assumption could be wrong though. By measuring my running time, distance, and speed nowadays, then I can tell if I’m a better runner than before.

Same for a small business. One can only tell when the business is progressing if one measure and monitors.

What I am currently measuring and monitoring in my juicing journey:

Expenses/Costs – I monitor my personal day-to-day expenses for the last 2 years. Even if this turned out a business or not, it is important to monitor closes my expenditure related to juicing.

Produced juice per fruit – I have not arrived in computing the margin and setting the price. To do that, I will have to know how much juice a kg of X fruit and X vegetable can produce which cost me how much.


Blog analytics – This will give me an overview where my readers come from, what time most readers visit my blog, and what post is most visited.

Instagram posts/ Interaction on Twitter – As juice truck or concept store are not my option at the moment. I plan to increase my presence online via Instagram and Twitter.

Other factors that should be monitored are:

  • Budget & Expenses
  • Cashflow
  • New and returning customers
  • Sales
  • Inventory of products

I should expound more on this topic. But I am not an expert yet myself. I will blog about these topics again next time as I go along this juicing journey.

Okkkaaaaaayyyyy, that’s it for today..
And visit this blog frequently for up-to-date stories!

Be healthy, be happy! x